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From Steyr to Paris in a year

Ferdinand Porsche started his job as a technical director at the Steyr Company in 1929, after some unfortunate incidents at Austro Daimler. Quickly finding himself in a quarrel with the same officials of the Austrian Credit-Anstalt, who had already been the reason for his separation from Austro Daimler. Before finally starting his own business in […]

Win an autumnal joyride in a real historic car

This month on our facebook page we’re giving away a joyride in one of our historic vehicles again. Of course, you don’t have to drive yourself like common peasants. You’ll get a befitting chauffeur set aside, who’s driving you safely and comfortably through the autumnal Mattsee. Let the cool wind blow in your hair as […]

Happy Birthday Ferdinand Porsche

Today, on September 3, 2015 Ferdinand Porsche would have been 140 years old. He was born in 1875 as the third child of the Spengler Anton Porsche in today’s Czech Republic and in the course of his life made it from a mechanic without higher education to one of the most ingenious car designers of […]

A historical luxury car with extras

In 1905, Siegfried Count of Wimpffen was a member of the Hungarian House of Lords, by the legacy of his grandfather a billion banker very rich and above all, a true car fanatic. Already in 1892 he had an automobile powered by steam delivered to Austria and sought a driving license at the Department of […]

Prizes, prizes, prizes at the third Alpine Rally

It was the penultimate of a total of 4 international Alpine Rallies and again Austro Daimler started with an impressive car: The AD 14/32 was an evolution of its highly successful predecessor, the 16/18. With a displacement of 3563 cc and 38 hp at 1500 rev/min, the production car already managed a top speed of […]

Sailing the Mattsee

The Mattsee is not only a beautiful lake for swimming, it’s also a good option for one of the most exciting sports on the water. Whether as a professional with a private boat or a beginner in a course, the sailing fever can really get you around here. The sailing school Mattsee offers courses for […]

Start dates for your ” Crazy Beetle ” Action !

fahr(T)raum has a new exciting attraction: „Crazy Beetles“! Now you can navigate remote-controlled VW Beetles in scale of 1:8 with a maximum speed of 45 km/h through our outdoor park. For sure you will love our “Crazy Beetles”: They have the latest RC technology with 4WD, two electric motors and an independent suspension. Starting at […]

A shadow over Vienna

After the k.u.k. Army command decided for Fischamend as a location for its military aeronautical institution, the first military airship called M1 or Parseval was stationed there as well. Of course, the Austro-Daimler Company in Wiener Neustadt was entrusted with the development of the 70 -hp engine and the production of the entire nacelle. The […]

Fun in the water and cool technology

A rainy afternoon during your beach holiday? It’s actually the best that could happen, as long as your vacation takes place in Mattsee. Even the excellent water quality of the lake, its numerous natural beaches and not least, the “Strandbad” situated right in Mattsee including a super long water slide, make every family vacation an […]

Above the Clouds – the AD 6

Ferdinand Porsche, a genius unparalleled! He built race cars, tractors and even trucks. But Porsche aimed even higher and wanted to conquer the airspace, which he achieved thanks to his masterfully constructed motors. His 6-cylinder motor, the Austro-Daimler Aeroplan Engine Type 6 (AD 6) made aviation history. His groundbreaking engine design inspired many manufacturers at […]