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One beetle, two beetles – many beetles!

Pictured here we can see Ferdinand Porsche in 1937 as he thoroughly inspected the prototype of the KdF car. The same car should later become famous as the “Beetle”. Although the car underwent some variations over the decades, it basically preserved its character and vehicle frame. Until June 2002, the beetle was the world’s best […]

Resi, i hol di mit meim Traktor ab (German folk song)

The agricultural use of motorized vehicles is even older than the song from the headline. But where this song comes from, there are many more. The fascination for tractors has been unbroken from the start. Owned at the beginning only by a few large-scale farmers, it is now virtually indispensable in professional agriculture. But there’s […]

Mercedes : One victory – many gains

After the Mercedes he constructed had won at the Targa Florio on April 27, 1924 in Sicily, Ferdinand Porsche might have felt a little like this. Back in Stuttgart, he got to enjoy not only a jubilee trip across the city, but also received an entry in the Golden Book of the city and an […]

5 tons? A piece if cake! – The OM 5

What do Porsche and trucks have in common? And no, we are not talking of Lindsay Lohan, who crashed in a truck sitting in her Porsche but of very different vehicles. Concerning the construction of racing cars Ferdinand Porsche is a true legend. Less well known is that he was also responsible for the construction […]

A seminar in a genius atmosphere

The success of each seminar depends greatly on the atmosphere of its location. It’s regarded as a fact, that participants get more out of a seminar or a training, if the location is attractive and offers space for creativity. The fahr(T)raum Erlebniswelt with its sprawling showrooms, the cozy seminar room and the spacious garage complete […]

Risky race – who let the dogs out?

The entrepreneur Vincenzo Florio founded the „Targa Florio“, the legendary Sicilian race that was held until the late 70ies. The narrow mountain- and coastal streets were full of dangers. Steep cliffs, rocks and trees along the way, unattended cats and dogs, chicken and lots of spectators made this race one oft he most daring and […]

A magnificent race: European Touring Series

From 1 to 3 May, fahr(T)raum is host to the model racing car championship Yokomo European Touring Series and is expecting an exciting weekend with international participants. A particular highlight in Mattsee in 2014 was the Yokomo European Touring Series (ETS), the most important championship worldwide for remote-control model racing cars (RC Cars) with electrical […]