1st overland flight of the Hansa Brandenburg C1 at Modellsporttage in Mattsee

The Ferdinand Porsche Erlebniswelten fahr(T)raum Model Sport Days took place last weekend for the 5th time in perfect late summer weather. Despite many parallel events taking place in the vicinity, the annual highlight for family and model enthusiasts on the Unerseehügel in Mattsee was again very well attended.

In addition to skilful model air shows, exciting remote-control car races and model trucks in action, spectators were amazed by the daredevil stunts from freestyle BMX pros Senad Grosic & friends. On Saturday, the 5-time Austrian trial bike champion Tom Oehler demonstrated his skills. Jonas Widschwendter, the double Austrian national champion in motorcycle trials was also on hand for the first time. He was particularly applauded when he spontaneously delivered a spectacular show with a BMX rider.

A world record attempt in remote control auto high jump was made by 15-fold Austrian model car champion Michael Selner. Although he topped his last world record with a ten-metre jump, the jump could unfortunately not be officially recognised since the car was wrecked when landing. “I’ve destroyed four cars in my attempts this year. At my highest jump, the car responded differently than last year. I don´t understand why the landing was not successful despite the calm wind conditions” Selner declared.

This year, the highlight of the Model Sport Days was the first cross-country flight of the Hansa Brandenburg C1, a replica of a biplane from the era of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy equipped with an engine designed by Ferdinand Porsche. This was a historical event that visitors were able to experience live on location.

The Brandenburg took off at 8:16 am on Sunday from Wiener Neustadt for its longest overland flight to date and covered 200 km in one and a half hours. After landing in Wels to refuel, everything was checked over again before taking off for Lochen, where the plane landed punctually on a meadow at 11:30 am. On Saturday the plane astounded Model Sport Days spectators with a flight over the fahr(T)raum premises. As well as on Sunday, she set off again and circled over Mattsee in a 20-minute round trip.

Here you can see what other highlights and action were on offer on this weekend:

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