Austro Daimler Alpenwagen

Austro Daimler Alpenwagen Year of manufacture 1911 now at fahr(T)raum

The last surviving AD 9/27 Alpenwagen stands in Mattsee

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Austro Daimler Sonderausstellung

Special exhibition: The history of Austro Daimler from 1899 to 1935

New exhibition hall and exhibits that have never before been…
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Legendary Porsche model cars for collectors in 1:18, 1:43, and 1:87 scale

You can experience automobile history first hand at the fahr(T)raum…
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Targa Florio auf der Madonie-Rundstrecke, 27. April 1924. Mercedes 2-l-Targa-Florio-Rennwagen. Werk Untertürkheim - Start zum Training im Januar. Personen von links: Direktor Sailer, Direktor Lang, Christian Werner, unbekannt, Direktor Ferdinand Porsche, Direktor Berge, Karl Sailer, Direktor Gross, Alfred Neubauer, Beifahrer Henninger.

Ferdinand Porsche at Daimler (Mercedes)-Benz

1926 Mercedes 24/100/140 PS on display in fahr(T)raum

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Hans Stuck Bergkönig und Rennlegende.

“King of the Mountains” Hans Stuck and his Austro Daimler racing cars

The ADM-R racing car and the ADM-R "Torpedo" (1929) now in fahr(T)raum
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Wasserturbine von Ferdinand Porsche Typ 291. Im Oldtimer Museum fahr(T)raum.

Original 1949 Porsche Konstruktionen GesmbH (Gmünd) water turbine now in fahr(T)raum

In the years between 1944 and 1950, the Porsche works in Gmünd/Carinthia,…
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Automobilwerbung 20er 30er Audi Allein

Automobile advertising of the 20s and 30s

How were cars advertised in the 20s and 30s? How was society…
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Prinz Heinrich Wagen 1910_Graf Orssich

The first motor vehicle registration plates – A history of Austrian licence plates

Even when hackney carriages were still the only means of inner-city…
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70 Jahre Käfer Cabrio

VW Beetle convertible 70th anniversary – Special exhibition

Ferdinand Porsche presented his stroke of genius – the Beetle…
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1st overland flight of the Hansa Brandenburg C1 at Modellsporttage in Mattsee

The Ferdinand Porsche Erlebniswelten fahr(T)raum Model Sport…
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The world´s first four-wheel drive car was a Porsche

The Lohner-Porsche, a vehicle that was far ahead of its time…
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fahr(T)raum Students Award 2019

Students present historic automobiles in contemporary graphics.

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NEW unrestored 1952 Pretzel Beetle at fahr(T)raum

The Ferdinand Porsche Worlds of Experience fahr(T)raum has been…
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Hard times: Porsche develops winches for mountain farmers after the war

NEW at fahr(T)raum: a Type 335 winch from 1946

During the…
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In the footsteps of Ferdinand Porsche – inventor of the first e-bike (1893) … e-bike rental in fahr(T)raum, new from May 2019!

Ferdinand Porsche, son of the master metalworker Anton Porsche,…
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NEW: Gondola model with aircraft motor of the Parseval airship (1909)

A Ferdinand Porsche / Austro-Daimler construction

Aside from…
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The first traffic rules – displacement and adaptation caused by the automobile

Around 1900, as was the case for millennia, the horse still dominated…
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New: 1909 CommerCar bus for group day trips

Recently, fahr(T)raum has become the new owner of an original…
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„One Day Experience“ – exclusive group offer from fahr(T)raum, KTM Motohall and the Trumer private brewery

From now on you can book an exceptional group tour in the Salzburg…
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Austrians love vintage cars and vintage car events

The average Austrian loves vintage cars – as demonstrated by…
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3. Classic motorcycle special exhibition – sidecars from 1926

For the third year running, the classic motorcycle special exhibition…
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Replica Hansa Brandenburg C1 from 1917 – Porsche’s grandson takes off

After discovering and acquiring an old six-cylinder Austro-Daimler…
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A Porsche tractor for Brazil – the P 312

Ferdinand Porsche not only designed sports cars, he also played…
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Ferdinand Porsche’s “Kaiserwagen” with a new electric motor

Baptism of fire a success

The project is completed. Under…
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Record attendance at model sport days

On the wonderful April summer weekend, 28 & 29 April,…
16. Maggio 2018/da Creativedays2

Opening of the Austro-Daimler ADS-R “Sascha” special exhibition

On March 22, the special exhibition of the legendary "Sascha"…
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The best quotes and sayings from Ferdinand Porsche

Ferdinand Porsche (1875-1951) was undoubtedly a technical genius,…
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“Sascha” car in fahr(T)raum – who was the eponymous Count Alexander Kolowrat?

On Monday, March 12, 2018, the Ferdinand Porsche Erlebniswelten…
26. Febbraio 2018/da Creativedays2

Gunter Haug reads from his book “Ferdinand Porsche – Ein Mythos wird geboren”

On 15 March we will be welcoming Gunter Haug to fahr(T)raum Mattsee.…
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Ferdinand Porsche at Austro-Daimler – Career highlights

Following the departure of Paul Daimler from the Austro-Daimler…
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Model trucks meet Ferdinand Porsche classic cars

On the 17/18 February weekend, fahr(T)raum Mattsee is all about…
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Auto Union Type C – most successful German Grand Prix racing car in 1936!

The Auto Union Type C was the most successful German Grand Prix…
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“4 months of work have paid off” – VW beetle cutaway model is finished

If you ever wanted to take a closer look at the engine and gearbox…
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NEW at fahr(T)raum: Steyr Type 30 Cabriolet (1931)

Ferdinand Porsche, who has gone down in history as a pioneer…
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The first school weeks are gone – time for the rally quiz at fahr(T)raum

Donnerstag, Schule aus und Regenwetter – was tun? Das beste…
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Accessibility at fahr(T)raum – mobility for everyone

It is important to us that all Ferdinand Porsche Erlebniswelten…
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Now on exhibit at fahr(T)raum: the world´s only Austro Daimler ADV Boat Tail!

The last design which Ferdinand Porsche engineered as technical…
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High Tech meets nostalgia at fahr(T)raum Mattsee – Multicopter Air Race contrasted with a fair in 1920s style

Not only a spectacular drone race took place in front of fahr(T)raum…
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Ferdinand Porsche Country Outing: Around the Salzburg Lake District

An outing to the taste of Ferdinand Porsche
By establishing…
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New exhibit at fahr(T)raum – 1916 Austro Daimler 2-cylinder Feldbahn engine

Field and industrial railways (Feldbahnen) have assisted the…
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Ferdinand Porsche and his tractors

From the "Daimler horse" to the "System Porsche" diesel tractor
17. Agosto 2017/da Creativedays2

Austro-Daimler Maja 28/32 celebrates its 110th birthday

110 years have passed since Ferdinand Porsche developed the first…
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fahr(T)raum vintage cars at Grossglockner Automobile Exhibition

This summer, fahr(T)raum Mattsee will present not one, but several…
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VW-Beetle Sectional Model

We were fortunate to get a rare VW-Beetle sectional model from…
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Everyday robot helper “Road Flea” on exhibit at fahr(T)raum

At fahr(T)raum, one not only has the opportunity to admire a…
21. Giugno 2017/da Creativedays2

DDR Porsche – “Lindner Coupé” – rolls again

Since 12 May, one of the 13 DDR Porsche replicas from the 50s…
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World record at fahr(T)raum Model Sport Days

Perfect weather and great action was predicted for the last weekend…
11. Maggio 2017/da Creativedays2

A cozy weekend in Mattsee

The gray, wet and cold November days will eventually get to everyone…
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Ernst Piech and the dream of the fahr(T)raum

In order to believe that it’s not always easy to be a member…
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With a non-racing car at the Exelbergrennen

In the year 1899 the Exelbergrennen was carried out for the first…
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